Innovative solution for fast and accurate insurance validation.

The Insurance Validator is one of the most innovative insurance validating systems on the market today. By using advanced programming to simplify the process by which the insurance data of patients is retrieved, the Insurance Validator frees up healthcare providers to devote more time, attention and energy on delivering better patient care.

Running off a web-based portal, the Insurance Validator allows providers to efficiently access key insurance data–such as eligibility, benefits and co-pays–in just one step, and with only the input of very basic patient information.

The system also offers detailed information with just a few clicks and keystrokes. Finding out about a patient’s insurance benefits is no longer a laborious task. With the highly user-friendly Insurance Validator, healthcare providers can: request information from multiple payers at the same time or for multiple patients simultaneously; create search-specific queries to draw only the information they need most; and, view the same information in each report, irrespective of patient or payer being queried.

Product Highlights of the Napier Healthcare Insurance Validator

Napier Healthcare’s advanced automation platform, which drives the Insurance Validator offering, can substantially increase the workflow of healthcare providers’ employees through its ability to connect to hundreds of payers, vendors and clearinghouses using one simple process. Key features offered include the following.

Dashboard Alerts

Dashboard Alerts allow users to easily set up alerts that will track any changes in a patient’s insurance eligibility, co-pays or deductibles and will do so across multiple insurance policies. Users can quickly sort information to assure there are no errors in patient data, thereby assuring each billing cycle runs smoothly. Error-free billing means faster payments and more revenue for healthcare providers.

Advanced Reporting

Reports display patient data in a clean and user-friendly format. All data is streamlined and organized in the same manner for each report. Users get only the information they need, when they need it. They also get Virtual Storage Locker, which they can use to manage and store all of their patient census and eligibility data securely.

API Connect

API Connect is Napier Healthcare’s advanced open source API for easy integration to hundreds of ISVs, EMRs, EHRs, clearinghouses and large-scale providers. It offers a multitude of file import and export methods with advanced reporting tools that allow clients to request specific service benefits. With API Connect, Napier Healthcare can get its clients fully integrated with Insurance Validator services in a single business day.

Batch Process

Napier Healthcare’s Batch Process offers healthcare providers the flexibility to quickly check the eligibility and benefit information of multiple patients at the same time, and a single patient’s coverage for up to ten likely insurance providers in a single easy step. Napier Healthcare can also assist healthcare providers to identify any existing policies a patient may have within seconds.